Sarah Coombes

Sarah Coombes, Director

I love greetings cards. The frustrated creative in me needed to come out. Karmuka was born!

My vision for Karmuka developed from a desire to co-create meaningful products, mindful of both people and planet; to build bridges between industries; to construct a business model which accommodated a family and my own disability; and to lead a change.

As a born and bred Londoner I have been inspired by this phenomenal city. I wanted products, creators and purchasers to celebrate, reflect and include the diverse communities of London and way beyond.  

For the last 20 years I worked in the charity, academic and voluntary and community sectors as a researcher, strategist and consultant. This experience combined with my curiosity for new things, makes the learning curve at  Karmuka exciting and fulfilling.

I love hippy magic, bags, 90’s R&B (I was there the first time), bananas and marmite and am the only Callanetics teacher in London.

Spreading the love with clarity, direction and purpose is my thing! Together we can create the momentum for positive change.

Cameron Reynolds

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