Karmuka makes ethical, inclusive and innovate greeting cards for children and adults.

Karmuka cards are for those looking for something different, with artistic quality, which truly reflects themselves and their recipient.
Karmuka isn’t about reacting to trends, it’s about responding to people. It’s about the people who design the cards and the people who receive them.

Karmuka works with independent artists and illustration agencies to create inclusive designs, and works with the recipients of cards through our projects with children and young people.

The designs move away from ‘chints and cheese’ to discover innovative ways of representing diverse communities, unique artistic interpretation, and a bit a humour.

Our cards are designed, printed and packed in the UK. We use sustainable boards and biodegradable cello. Karmuka only works with companies who have print on demand services to reduce wastage. We don’t use flitter or foil so cards are completely recyclable. We are a member of Ecologi.
Karmuka means rainbow in Sanskrit. The brand’s philosophy is about producing Karma neutral design. Our creative direction is influenced by ancient ideas about colour and energy, and how these can be communicated through greeting card design using existing and emerging technology.
Karmuka is a unique brand in the greeting card industry. Supporting this value driven business is key to making representation the norm in the industry, whilst giving your loved one a very special greeting card. Thank you to everyone who is on this journey with us.




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