Karmuka is grateful to be working with a talented, inspirational, visionary and diverse group of artists and illustrators.

Fefus Illustrates

FIona Morrison

Fiona Morrison (who trades under the design name Fefus Designs), is a British-Jamaican illustrator and surface pattern designer. Her passion for Art & Design started at a very young age. After studying Fashion Design & Technology, Fiona went on to work in both the fashion industry & retail stores and has recently pursued her dream of becoming a freelance illustrator and designer.

Fiona’s style would be described as vibrant and cute with a strong emphasis on diverse characters, inspired by different ethnicities and cultures. She uses a mixture of hand-drawn and digital illustrations.

Fefus Design was born through Fiona’s observation of a lack of representation and diversity in popular characters and images reflected in children’s fashion & merchandise.

Kim Hankinson

Kim Hankinson

Kim Hankinson is a London based designer illustrator and author. After Art Directing the developing Ivy Kids imprint, Kim now works freelance creating children’s books and artworks for clients in the UK. Believing in living well and presently – her mobile phone remains at home on walks, gallery trips and charity shop rummages, much to the frustration of all who know her.

Lizzie Walkley c/o Advocate Art

Lizzie Walkley

Lizzie Walkley

Lizzie works as an illustrator from her home studio in Gloucestershire. After Graduating with an Illustration degree in 2004 she has worked in-house at several greeting card companies. In 2014 she went freelance and joined Advocate illustration agency and has since worked on a wide range of projects from toy design, greeting cards to children’s books. She has always loved drawing children and animals and gets a lot of inspiration from her two daughters, especially when they get up to mischief.

Rahana Banana

Rhana Banana

Rahana is an illustrator based in London. Her work depicts mostly black women and children and everything that has influenced her in life from growing up a British West Indian and teen life in Saint Lucia. Rahana’s use of vivid colours and how she captures people has been described as magic.

Sherrelle Bailey

Sherrelle is an artist based in the UK. Many of her designs have intricate details and uplifting pops of colour from nature’s palette. She is passionate about creating greeting card designs that conjure a sense of happiness and gratitude in both the purchaser and the recipient of the card.

Sherrelle is fascinated by the idea that nature and human beings are inextricably linked and this is a concept that is reflected in much of her illustrations. Many of her designs depict the beauty and complexity of the natural world and the global community. She truly loves nature and she believes that wherever there is nature, there is poetic beauty and inspiration to be found.

Sherrelle studied at Liverpool John Moores University and graduated with a 1st Class degree in BA Graphic Arts & Illustration in 2009. Sherrelle showed a passion and a skill for art from an early age, her
mother also studied art and as a child Sherrelle often enjoyed drawing in her mother’s sketchbooks.

“I am inspired by the way that Karmuka’s greetings cards are mindful of both the planet and people. This love for the planet is emphasised in Karmuka’s use of compostable and biodegradable packaging and responsibly sourced paper. Karmuka is inclusive and truly celebrates the beauty of equality and diversity through art.”

“Karmuka is fantastic with an abundance of fresh and contemporary ideas and I feel honoured to work with such a unique and inspiring publisher – Sarah is
a joy to work with. My passion has always been to spread joy and unity art and together with Karmuka’s aims and positive input I feel this has been achieved!”  



Simone Smith

Simone Smith is a Caribbean-British Artist based in London, She graduated from the University of the Arts London with a BA (HONS) in Animation. She describes her work as being Blerd-Fantasy as she loves mixing elements of her Jamaican heritage with things that are quirky and magical.


Aga Kubiszewska-Krawczyk

Aga Kubiszewska-Krawczyk works under the name agakubish design. She is an Illustrator, photographer, textile designer, surface pattern designer.

She lives in Bristol, United Kingdom and is a Mother and wife, self-taught graphic designer, illustrator, photographer.

She specialises in the style of old engravings, dotwork (pointillism – graphics composed of dots), aquarells, art of tattooing, in love with traditional bookbinding. In 2018 she received an honorable mention in the “Inspired by Japan VIII” competition for the vector graphic “Winter Theater”.

Chris Chatterton c/o Bright

Chris Chatterton

Chris Chatterton began his career in graphic design and animation, working on a variety of projects including ‘Dr Who’ and CBBC’s ‘The Dumping Ground. Chris’ passion for illustration then led him to pursue a career as a freelance artist working on a number of children’s books including the ‘Gremlins’ picture book series (Egmont). Now writing the stories as well, his debut author/illustrator picture book ‘Gus’ (Macmillan) is about a rather grumpy but loveable dog. Originally from County Durham, Chris now lives and works in the basement studio of his house in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Letitia Clouden

Letitia KC has specialised in visual communication through creative design for over 7 years. She believes in producing high quality visual content that is captivating, informative and unforgettable.​

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